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Clean dry air where and when you need it

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Compressor Parts

Having the right part available when it is needed is critical to the efficient, low-cost operation of machinery. At HTE, we inventory over $4 million in parts, lubricant and equipment, making every effort to immediately respond to your specific needs.

Our compressor filter selection includes OEM and Replacement Part elements mounted directly on the air compressor like separators, or air/oil separators, air filters, air-inlet filters, fluid filters or oil filters. We also have pre-filters and after-filters also called coalescing and particulate filters for your in-line filters located in the piping system.

• Over $120,000 in SULLAIR and ATLAS COPCO Service Truck inventory dispatched every day
• Over 5,000 ft. of St. Louis and Kansas City warehouse dedicated to compressor parts inventory with more than $1,000,000 in compressor parts and lubricant to ensure that your SULLAIR, ATLAS COPCO, KAESER, QUINCY, GARDNER DENVER, INGERSOLL RAND, and other brand of compressors work whenever you need compressed air. 
• Multiple levels of Planned Maintenance Programs to keep your compressor of any brand working for decades to come

HTE Compressed Air Solutions is dedicated to providing the resources Kansas, Missouri and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in air compressor equipment. Our goal is to deliver increased competitiveness as we apply technology in industry.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at