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Variable Speed Drive

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VSD CompressorAfter supplying VFD compressors for the past 20 years, Atlas Copco developed the NEOS inverter drive which delivers maximum energy savings for users of energy consuming air compressors.


In their relentless pursuit of sustainable productivity Atlas Copco knew they would have to find an upgrade to the inverters they had used since introducing VSD compressors two decades ago.  And so, to match the stringent needs of an air compressor, Atlas Copco developed and now manufactures an inverter that is designed precisely to meet the heavy duty requirements of the family of Atlas Copco air compressors, vacuums, blowers, and air dryers.  It is simple in design, robust, and highly reliable, all while delivering dramatic energy savings to customers.

Development of the NEOS VSD included rigorous, endurance field testing in the conditions most compressors operate, in other words, hot, cold and dusty industrial environments.  Testing included running machines at maximum load for 10,000 hours.  The test included a variety of machine sizes located between Finland and Bahrain, so very cold to very hot.  The results proved beyond any doubt that the NEOS VFD performs as designed in the most difficult, hot, cold, and dusty conditions.

The NEOS variable speed drive is much lighter and smaller than similar generic units.  With the CAN connection to the Elektronicon controller, no independent display is need for the VSD drive.  If you ever want to look at it from a PC, use the Ethernet connector, its that simple.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions supplies plant equipment, including compressors, vacuums, and blowers, with inverter drives in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at
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